Why It’s So Important To Tell “Your Story”

Before writing evolved, humans shared stories orally.  Ancient Chinese, Egyptians, Indians, and others told their stories and created myths and legends through drawing, painting, and poetry spanning thousands of years and several cultural milestones of human history.

In modern days, we listened to our ancestors telling their stories and learned about history through many forms of communication.  A love of stories is encoded into our DNA, and stories matter to us on a deep, emotional level. 

As a business owner, leader, and realtor, your story matters. 

Tell that story to your team members, existing and potential clients.  Keep them listening.  Consider why to tell your story.

Start with your brand

Use your compelling story to promote your business, pitch to potential clients, and inspire your team.  And to create your business culture.

Ask yourself these questions.  What inspired you to start the real estate business?  Your personal and unique experience?  Why are you doing this? Why does your experience with the last closed transaction matter?

At the outset, no one knows your skill level, and it takes time to demonstrate your worth.

Tell Your Story

Our ancestors sat around the fire to share their stories with leaders, followers, and family members.  Their survival depended on it.  And it still does.  People bond, connections are made, and knowledge is shared when people tell their stories. 

As technology has become an integral part of our communication methods, our stories are told in many ways.  Stories “go viral” on YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, TED Talk, ActiveRain, and other social media.  Some people find that connecting with others through old-fashioned letter writing and postcards is more emotionally satisfying.

Begin with a message.  Know the audience you want to share with: employees, team members, clients, and more. 

What matters most is that when people tell their stories and feel heard, magic happens!

Your clients.  Your colleagues.  Your friends. They all are dying to hear your story. So, tell it to them!

“In a world where people have a lot of choices, the story may be the deciding factors.” – Nick Morgan, Author