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As a realtor, you know that paperwork never ends, and there are always countless documents to be created and signed. Spending all your time on paperwork doesn’t make sense as your priority is with your clients.

The good news is that a virtual transaction coordinator can help you with all your documentation needs, allowing you to remain on top of things.

A professional transaction coordinator can provide valuable assistance.

How Do Transaction Coordinators Help Real Estate Professionals?

Professional transaction coordinators know that every transaction is different. They can manage the entire real estate transaction process: from the fully executed contract to closing.

In more detail, below are the real estate functions that a transaction coordinator can assist you with:

  • Review the fully-executed contract to ensure completion.
  • Create a new transaction file using a transaction management system, including real-time updates.
  • Order escrow and title.
  • Interface with the selling team for access to the property for appraisal and repair.
  • Interface with the buyer’s lending team, track and update the loan commitment progress.
  • Monitor contingencies for compliance with the contract.
  • Manage the closing process, including following up and following through to ensure a successful closing.

Focus on Your Clients and Your Growing Business 

Virtual transaction coordinators have been specifically trained to help you free up to 15 additional hours per week. This means that you no longer have to stress about endless paperwork, and you can remain more relaxed and energetic around your clients. Your transaction coordinator will always be there for your transaction needs.

How Can I Help?

Establishing a good working relationship with a virtual transaction coordinator can benefit your real estate business in many ways. Over time, you will notice that you become more adept at customer service, selling homes, and doing what you do best. It, therefore, makes a lot of sense to use a virtual transaction coordinator.

The Value of a Good Virtual Transaction Coordinator

Good transaction coordinators understand that each transaction is unique, and they know how to manage the documentation process from start to finish.  These professionals are great at time management, following up on deadlines, and working with a wide range of people. It is sometimes hard to find a licensed transaction coordinator. However, unlicensed and professionally-trained transaction coordinators can be as professional and suitable.

Below are a few examples of what to look for in a transaction coordinator:

  • Relevant and sufficient real estate experience
  • Solid communication and business skills
  • Able to make decisions independently
  • Highly organized and pays attention to the minor details
  • Transaction and process-oriented
  • Loyal and reliable
  • A good fit with your team’s culture

Affordably Priced

From Contract to Closing

We offer two packages depending on the client’s requirements, from contract to closing:

  • Single Agent: $320 per Closed Transaction
  • Dual Agent: $375 per Closed Transaction

No upfront fees.

We also provide a service agreement detailing pertinent information. Potential clients sign our service agreement before proceeding.


Services rendered by the transaction coordinator (TC) are paid within three (3) business days after closing.

If the transaction does not close, a $150 flat fee is added to the subsequently closed file for TC’s previous work.

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