Marketing And Selling Houses To Millennials

As we enter the 2020’s many millennials and Gen-Y populations are growing into adults. As they start taking on the responsibility of jobs and families, buying houses is not too far ahead. Within the next decade, millennials are to become the core demographic of the real estate industry. Thus it is essential to know how to market and sell houses to millennials.

As the first generation that grew up with the internet, millennials are different from any other generation that came before. This post will focus on how you can connect with millennials through marketing and selling houses to the new generation.

What Millennials Look For In A Home

Millennials are the first generation that grew up in a highly globalized world with the internet. Thus their tastes for designs and what they look for in a house vary exponentially. In terms of design and aesthetics, it is hard to pinpoint just one thing that millennials want in their homes. However, all millennials have in common affordability and a good mortgage agreement.

Millennials have, time after time, voiced their opinions on how difficult it is to purchase a house with the current state of the economy. Therefore, it is vital to address this issue head-on when selling homes to millennials.

What most millennials want from home are stability and financial security. As a realtor, ensure the financial aspect of things when dealing with millennials. 

How To Sell Houses To Millennials?

Marketing to millennials is different from marketing to any other generation. Growing up with the internet means millennials have a distinct taste in advertising. So traditional billboard advertising or flyers won’t work on millennials as it did to generations before. Here are some things you may try to market to millennials. 

  • Use High-Quality Photographs

As a technologically advanced generation, millennials do most of their research for homes online. So, if you want to market to millennials, you need to have a robust online presence, and the best way to do this is through content marketing.

Rather than visiting individual houses, millennials may shortlist which home to buy depending on virtual tours and pictures. To leave a good impression, make sure the images and videos on your website are high quality.  

  • Market With Humor

Studies have shown that millennials respond well to clever marketing. It is easier to sell things if you have a strong connection with your potential clients. The best way to connect with millennials is through humor.

Since millennials are so active on the internet, it is not too difficult to grasp their sense of humor. Try studying the types of jokes and memes millennials respond well to. After that, use those jokes as part of your advertising campaign. Making a millennial laugh is an excellent way to connect with them and gain their trust.

  • Use Technology Well

Technology is an integral part of every millennial’s life, and millennials spend most of their time on their smartphones. If you want to communicate with a millennial, you need to enter their playing field.

Whether through social media marketing or customer care, you need to be on the grid. Without technology, traditional marketing methods with TV ads or phone calls will not serve well with millennials.

  • Help With Financing

Financing fear is on millennials’ minds when buying homes. You do not need to highlight financial issues in your ads directly; however, bring up and listen to millennials’ concerns regarding finances.

Show millennials that you understand why finances are such a big concern for their generation. You can also talk about how your team can help them through their financial issues or queries. This type of assistance and guidance goes a long way and will connect with millennials and earn their trust. 

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